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Parish of Killay

Hopefully we have grabbed your attention.

Everyone knows that the way that the church funds itself is heavily reliant upon the weekly offerings, that everyone puts in their envelopes and on the Offertory plate on a Sunday / Thursday Morning. Thank you for your continued financial support.

However a change has happened that is outside of all our control (in Killay), that means we loose 60p for every cheque we receive per month (after the first 20 cheques), which I'm sure you will realise mounts up to a fair chunk of money. This in turn means that the money is not getting to be used by the church in the way you would like.

This is not because of anything that the church has done, but due to the banking facilities changing their charging practices.

How can you help ??? 

There are now multiple ways that you can still give to the church that will not involve us loosing any of that money, and we ask that you would consider these options.


Gift Direct.jpg

The easiest option first.

The Church in Wales has setup Online Giving by Gift Direct, this is a very simple form (There is a button on the Parish Website). This will setup a Direct Debit (the same as you have for your household bills etc) and electronically we will receive the amount of money that you choose, without any fees and including your Gift Aid donation. This is the easiest and most reliable option. Also this method is protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee with your bank, so if anything goes wrong your bank can recall the money on your behalf.

(The only tricky question is under Beneficiary - please select Killay S432, and also kindly place a tick in the box that allows Gift Aid if you are a tax payer).


If you prefer to setup a standing order from your bank, That would be just as helpful, but just a little more work from yourself;

The details you will need are ;

Account Name : The Parish of Killay

Sort code : 40 52 40

Account Number : 00010863


If neither of those are not comfortable options for you, then we have purchased a Contactless Payment device that is very simple to use and the money appears in our account within a matter of days. You will find that at the doorway as you leave the church, simply tap your contactless card. It's quick and easy.


As you can see from the image above you press a button to reduce your donation or the other button to increase (the number in the middle is the amount you will donate) and then simply tap your bank card onto the machine and it will beep. The money will then be sent to our bank with a fee of just a few pence.

Thank you for all you give to the church, we will continue to receive your gifts however you wish to support the church. But if you would consider a different option, then more of your money will reach the location it is actually intended for, and we can use it to keep the church operating in the way we all know and love.

If this article has left you with more questions than answers - then please speak to any one of the Churchwardens, who will help in every way that we can. If you would like to look at the Gift Direct option, we could help you to do this over a coffee after the service (Please just bring your bank card or cheque book so that we can ensure the correct details and no mistakes are made). Just ask!

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